10 Wellness Habits You May Not Have Tried

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When we think of wellness routines, we often immediately think of our fitness routine or a new diet we might tryout. However, overall wellness extends far beyond the physical body to include our mental fitness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual practices. When we look at our habits, we often find we are good in some categories, but lack the desire, discipline, or time to make other categories a priority. Ultimately, our lives reflect the habits that we embody on a regular basis. Again, excelling in one way and yet barely squeezing by in another. Frequently our habits (as a collective) are focused on outside results or achievements (think those sculpted abs) and less about our inner sanctuary and peace. Mottos like “I’ll rest when I die” or popularized hustle culture program our minds to believe that we must always be doing and achieving; that our worth is somehow tied to our accomplishments. This type of thinking often leads to burnout, adrenal fatigue, and endlessly traversing the merry-go-round of wants to achieve the next thing we believe will fill the void in our lives.

Which begs the question, “what kind of wellness routines might be able to fill your cup with a deeper sense of satisfaction, more calm and less stress?”

Perhaps the question isn’t so much what you need “to do” it’s more about finding ways to deeply be with ourselves, rest and make space. It’s about calming down the nervous system and mind, so that when we do want to focus and “do” we accomplish more with less. It’s like looking for a specific document, when you have folders covering your desk and all your file drawers open. It may be there, but with so much chaos it will take you more time to accomplish.

Here’s a list of my favorite wellness routines for mind, body and spirit that are more about play, rest and re-centering so that you can tap into you own innate wisdom.

Top 10 Wellness Routines – You may not have tried yet!

  1. Light, Sound and Vibration Therapy – “Vibe Session”
  2. Mantra Meditation
  3. Sound Ceremony
  4. Yoga Nidra
  5. Smudging 
  6. Bach Flower Remedies (Coming soon to Starlight)
  7. Creative Play
  8. Reiki
  9. Emotional Code Therapy
  10. Yoni Steaming (sorry this one’s for the ladies)Pictured: Vibe Bed from The Starlight House
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