How to Connect To Your 3rd Eye

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You hear references all over popular culture these days about the 3rd eye, but what does that really mean? What is commonly referred to as our 3rd eye or the 6th Anja chakra in metaphysical terms, corresponds to the pituitary and pineal gland in the physical body. This article will focus on the role of the pineal  in connecting us to our higher self.    Often referred to as the “seat of the soul” or the “seat of illumination”, it can helps us transcend into higher states of consciousness and out of our fight, flight or freeze responses. The pineal gland is a rice sized gland situated  in the midbrain that looks like a tiny pinecone.  We see references throughout history to this center, dating all the way back to Ancient Egyptian and even Sumerian times.

This gland produces a series of hormones including: tryptophan, serotonin,  melatonin,  Pinoline, 5-methoxy-dimethyl-tryptamino (5-MeO-DMT) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT).  The tryptophan is an essential acid found in protein-based foods and helps us to regulate appetite, sleep and mood. It is used by the pineal gland to produce serotonin during the day and melatonin at night. Pinoline is a neurochemical involved with consciousness, while 5-MeO-DMT and DMT are known for their hallucinogenic effects.  Mystical visions and insights have commonly been associated with the latter and our often sought after by outside substances and plant medicines for their profound effects on the psyche and physical healing. However, we do not need to look outside the body to activate this inherent source of wisdom but can learn to stimulate this gland through proper care of the physical body, use of breathwork and kriyas, or by stimulating it with specific light frequencies. 

Detoxifying the Pineal

It is important to note that the pineal gland is not protected by the blood brain barrier and is subject to becoming calcified or hardened.  Some of the most common causes of this calcification and disregulation include: Flouride (found in most toothpastes and our water supply), exposure to extreme and artificial EMFs (thank you 5G),  as well as stress and nutritional imbalances.  We can restore the pineal through a process known as “kindling”. This can be done by consuming certain foods, as well as, entraining the brain to Alpha and Theta brainwave patterns. 

How Light & Sound Therapy Works:

The shamanic use of sound to entrain the brain has been utilized long before these wisdom keepers knew about specific brainwaves patterns. Today we can use an EEG to measure our brainwave patters and have a deeper understanding of how these different states correspond to mental and physical states within the body. These states include: Gamma (30+ HZ , Beta (13-30Hz) Alpha (8-13hz), Theta (4-8hz) and Delta (.5-4hz).  By attuning our brains into specific brainwave states we can induce the body to heal itself, receive information from the higher self or even download information from the cosmic blueprint. These might seem like otherworldly abilities but they are actual encoded into the intelligence of the body. Our ability to connect with higher wisdom is our birthright and yet something that needs to be more consciously cultivated  due to the barrage of environmental and social factors that modern culture has wedged between us and our bodily (cosmic) intellegence.   Light entrainment devices that use a frequency following response can help us to more consistently, and at will, reach different states of consciousness. Identifying these states also helps us learn what being in a certain state “feels” like and therefore improves our ability to identify and reach this state on our own.   Accessing this center we begin to gain insight or “downloads” and with further awareness and practice this can be taken a step further as a portal to access other dimensions, astral projection or remote viewing. This wisdom, so deep and rich,  is a far cry from memes or a popularized t-shirt slogan, it is a source of intelligence perfectly designed and suited for our own soul, often speaking to us in our “own language and symbols”.  As we learn to to trust and surrender to this intelligence,  it can become a guide much more reliable than our brain and more aligned with the heart. 

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