Vibrational Medicine: Healing for a New Age

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As we barrel our way into the new astrological year on March 21 with the Aries new moon, many of us may be happy to shut the door on 2022. However, with an increasingly intense astrological forecast for the next few years, coupled with all the instabilities we see in our political and societal institutions, many of us realize that we must take ownership of our health and wellbeing if we are to find peace and stability within our own eco system. With many of our institutions crumbling, including the trust many of us once had in our healthcare system, it’s time that we open to the new ways of maintaining our wellbeing and take ownership of our energy. It’s like I tell my kids, “no one is going to do it for you” and with that in mind, let’s look at some new (and more often berried) ways of viewing the systems of the body and disease prevention.

For many, the term vibrational medicine is new. Vibrational medicine is a diagnostic and healing approach to illness using energy in various forms and frequencies. It is based on the idea that we are all unique energy systems, making it possible to diagnose different types of illnesses based on knowledge of the different frequencies of energy that can be measured coming from the human body. (Living Now) Vibrational medicine offers a new paradigm of healing that is based on Albert Einstein’s famous equation , stating that all matter is an expression of energy.

In fact, Einstein was famously quoted as saying “future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

This way of perceiving the body however was largely overtaken by a Newtonian view, which labeled and understood it merely through a mechanistic viewpoint.  This model views us no different than machine, no different than the AI/robots that seem more poised than ever to take over many roles in society once appointed to humans. However, this paradigm fails to consider the vital life forcethat animates all living organisms and separates us from mere machine. The Newtonian model also fails to understand the role of electricity and magnetism to the body. Therefore, we often observe individuals remanifesting the same health conditions, despite sometimes drastic interventions such as invasive procedures, surgery, or drugs. These interventions fail to look at the underlying energetic patterns which were the initiators of the imbalance and ultimate dis-ease.  Without addressing the root cause of these energetic disturbances, we are likely to see the same disorder or disease remanifest.

3d rendering robot working with carton boxes on conveyor belt

As our world over the last few years have illustrated, our society seems to be breaking into two distinct realities.  One of the distinctions we see between groups is the fundamental way we view the body and its health and functions. While one viewpoint wrangles the body with artificial inputs (food, drugs, and interventions) the other seeks to find harmony through the healthy expression of e-motions (energy in motion) and the balancing of complex subtle energetic (chakra) systems through frequency. Although much of this feels “new” many of these ideas have been around and/or suppressed for more than 100 years. So, who were some of the forerunners of energy medicine?

Royal Rife: Dr.Rife’s story rings almost eerily true to what we see currently see happening in the medical establishment –  gas lighting, intimidation, and suppression of medical knowledge that would lead to improved health if not a cure for many ailments. In the 1920’s Rife invented the Rife Universal Microscope capable of magnifying LIVING cells, bacteria and even viruses up to 30x their normal size.  Using his own microscope Rife discovered that each organism had its own resonant frequency, referred to as its Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR). Rife went on to find that he could destroy cancer cells by exposing it to its MOR with his Rife Beam Ray.  Unfortunately, Rife found his discoveries repressed by Morris Fishbein, whom at the time was the editor of JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association). Fishbein (who was later charged with racketeering) had sought to buy and control Rife’s discovery, however when Rife rejected the purchase he found his research center mysteriously burnt to the ground and Rife himself dragged through the court system on trumped up charges. Many followers of his work and technology found themselves abandoning it to not be blacklisted.  Rife’s work laid the foundation for the invention of other devices using frequency and electromagnetic fields, like the PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) mat.

Fritz-Albert Popp:  Dr. Popp was a quantum biophysicist and biologist who was a professor at Marburg University in Germany and later established the International Institute of Biophysics.  Popp largely expanded on the work of Alexander Gurwitsch, who discovered in the 1920s that an ultra-weak light emission coming from living cells, at the time from an onion root. Popp took an interest in his work and ultimately discovered that ALL living organisms emit this light and named them, biophotons. This groundbreaking working is the basis for measurement we use with the Bio-well at the Starlight House. Combining the science of biophotons and Kirlian photography, we capture and record these biophotons emanating from a patient’s fingertips and through the Chinese meridian system map this light to understand how well the organs in the body are functioning.

Dr. Edward Bach: Dr. Bach was a respected pathologist, bacteriologist, immunologist, and homeopathic doctor who also was psychically sensitive. He was one of the first to link emotional disturbances with physical dysregulation. This observation spawned Dr. Bach to look for a simple and easy way to return people to harmonious balance. Bach believed that “illness was reflection of disharmony between the physical personality and the Higher Self or Soul.”  Bach noticed that emotional tendencies especially from fear or negative attitudes led more often to illness. Dr. Bach believed that a gentler system of treatment based on plants and personality dispositions was possible. Early in 1930 walking through a garden, Dr. Bach had the insight that the dew on the plants, heated from the sun, would acquire the properties of the plant and could be used in healing remedies. He went on to develop a system of 38 flower remedies that fall into 7 different personality categories. Popular all over the world and sold in health and grocery stores to this day, this simple and easy method of vibrational healing can be extremely supportive to overall feelings of health and happiness.  (Stay tuned for part 2 in our vibrational healing series to learn more about how you can incorporate flower remedies into your wellness routine)

These and other pioneers in their field helped to open new ways of understanding and harmonizing the body which has led to many alternative healing modalities. These forms of therapy include Radionics, flower remedies, gem elixirs and chromotherap , PEMF mats, vibrational healing with sound (vibe sessions), biofield analysis with the Biowell, tuning of the biofield via tuning forks, and crystal therapies.  These modalities look at the subtle energy system and use vibration to attune the body back into a healthy flow and reduce or eliminate blockages. Important to note, vibrational medicines seek to find homeostasis through the proper flow of prana or chi throughout the body and its surrounding field. So, by healing any imbalance in the outer koshas or bodies we can prevent or alter the manifestation of disease in the physical body. “Energy disturbances in the etheric body precede the manifestation of abnormal patterns of cellular organization and growth.  Disease becomes manifest in the physical body only after disturbances of energy flow have become crystallized in the subtle structural patterns of the higher frequency bodies.  One of the best ways to alter dysfunctional patterns in the subtle bodies is to administer therapeutic doses of frequency-specific subtle energy in the form of vibrational medicines” (Gerber, p. 241).

These forerunners defined a new paradigm in the way we observe, diagnose, and treat disharmonies not just in the physical body but in our mental, emotional and astral bodies. When using this lens to perceive living organisms, we understand more deeply how electromagnetic waves affect not just us but all living organisms on the planet. We must consider how the rise of the technological age (also known as the Age of Aquarius), will effect the health and vitality of human energy systems that are increasingly bombarded with novel and low-frequency EMF radiation. Will we look back at the rollout of 5G, which has sustained little to no health and safety testing prior to its rollout, and think it was the best or worst shift for mankind? Furthermore, it is up to each individual to ask more questions and think critically about the responsible use of technology and its role in our everyday lives. What feels intuitively life enhancing? What feels invasive, draining or controlling? How can I use these advancements to positively affect my mind, body, and spirit? Ultimately, in a world that feels increasingly chaotic and confusing, ask yourself what practices can I incorporate that bring greater harmony to my mind, body and spirit? Seek that.

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