Flow Like A Goddess

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Want to learn to flow like a goddess? Goddesses are part of many Eastern spiritual traditions and are archetypes that we can actively work with to help us embody the wisdom, courage and strength to live our most empowered lives. There are many ways to work with these energies but today we will focus on somatically embodying one, the Goddess Durga. The name “Durga” in Sanskrit means invincible. Durga is considered a goddess of strength and justice who brings compassion, peace, calm and order under chaos, destruction, and conflict in any situation. (Pal, 2010)

The name " Durga" in Sanskrit means invincible.

Durga is known for the weapons she carries, as follows:  

  • Disk *Symbolizing Durga as the center of creation and her ability to cut through ignorance and share truth. The spinning disk also represents the chakra system.
  • TridentDestroys the three enemies of man: ego, passion, and ignorance.
  • Shield * – To protect her devotees.Durga uses her shield to protect her devotees from her enemies.
  • Club or Axe *– The power to destroy the evil forces.
  • Mace Encouraging loyalty, love, and devotion to Durga (protective Mother of the Universe)
  • Lotus *– Representing wisdom and liberation through knowledge.

(* denotes weapons used in the Durga yoga flow below)

Try our Durga yoga flow to evoke the power of the goddess during these turbulent times.

Pal, P. (2010). Goddess Durga: The Power and The Glory. http://ci.nii.ac.jp/ncid/BB03409088

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