5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Sacred Space

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Our environments are one of the most influential factors that effects our nervous system and the way we feel, in other words it alters our frequency. Ever get the heebie-jeebies when you’re in a weird or dangerous place or feel the tension in a room after a fight even if words are no longer being exchanged? These are examples of energetics. Not only is there a palatable energy to spaces but it also speaks to our innate capability to detect non-physical things in the room through our intuition. The energetics of a room can alter and influence our own state both positively and negatively. Placing our attention on providing ourselves with a nourishing environment positively influence our default mode and can open us up to growth in all aspects of our life.

Sacred space can mean different things to different people. Perhaps for you it’s a place of peace to gather your thoughts and spend a few moments in silence, for someone else it could be a crafting room or workshop. What we each regard as sacred may differ but the need to provide our souls with the space to feel safe and explore our inner nature and inspirations is universal. Creating a space to explore isn’t selfish its essential to allowing the inner you a place to play and be at home with yourself.

Joseph Cambell once wrote “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”

On a physiological level, if our environment is constantly keeping us in fight or flight (aka a stressful workplace or toxic home environment) we can’t access higher states of consciousness, allow the body to self-heal, or listen to our intuitive soul guidance. So I’ve gathered a few inspirations here to help guide the way of how you can convert anything from a room in the house to a small corner into a sacred space.

Before you create your new sacred space clear the stagnant energy by smudging.
Smudge your space prior to clear stagnant energy before adding your new sacred items.

Recently, I returned to our summer home for a couple months of writing and retooling while my kids enjoy free flowing days without commitment. In a smaller space, I simply didn’t have an entire room to commit to my needs, so I converted a walk-in closet into a healing and meditation space. Despite the small footprint, it feels cozy, private, and entirely my own. I also didn’t want to invest a lot of money, as we were only here for a couple months, so I converted items from around the house and shopped at a local home discount store, but the results were nothing but priceless. Here’s a few tips and snapshots from my new sacred space (keep in mind it hard to take pictures in such a small space, but you get the idea).

 Tips for Creating Your Own Sacred Space

  • Decide on your color pallet: What colors make you feel relaxed or happy? Or perhaps you choose something more whimsical or daring but hey this is YOUR creative outlet for just your space.
  • Make it cozy: Explore the senses, think textures, temperature, and textiles. What makes you feel comfortable and at ease? What about scents? Add a diffuser, candle, or incense station to your space. Before you begin its also important to make a fresh start. Smudging your space can clear out any stagnant energy.
  • Add sacred objects: What is the space about? Meditating? Creating? Reading? Writing? List the primary ways you’d like to use the room and fill it not just with the proper supplies but sacred objects that inspire and align with the energetics. Maybe you add a Ganesh to squash the writer’s block you’ve been feeling, or you add a mala and journal prompts to accelerate your meditation or spiritual practices.
  • Soften the edges: Do you need to add elements of nature or plants? Music? Add a dedicated speaker to attune your vibration further with sacred sound.
  • Set Boundaries: This is your space, and you want to preserve the sanctity of it! Who can use it or how they use it are boundaries not only you can set but are REQUIRED to preserve the energetics. Practicing setting healthy boundaries for yourself helps you to affirm what you need to feel safe and respected, two essential qualities to deeper work.


Here’s how I followed my own rules 😄

Create your own sacred space even in small spaces. Follow these 5 easy steps.
I converted a small walk-in closet into a meditation and healing space following these basic guidelines.
  • Color Pallet: I wanted something soft and feminine. So I went with a soft peach, blues and warm woods.
  • Cozy Up: I grabbed two large boho inspired poufs with coordinating pillows at a discount home store. I positioned them to span the small wall in my walk-in closet, covered them with a natural fur I already owned and created an instant love seat for my meditations. I scored two small rugs and overlapped them on the floor to create color, interest, and texture. I decorated the shelf above with my favorite spiritual books, and a giant ceramic tiger to awaken my courage and inner Durga! In front of me I took a long bench (I also already owned) and placed a frequency device that I wanted protected on the lower shelf and placed a couple decorative items on top. Leaving the top surface open for devotional items, cards, or journaling.
  • Sacred Items: I hung an altar piece on the wall, and loaded it with crystals, a clearing palo santo spray, and Kuan Yin statue.
  • Set Boundaries: I allow others to use my space, but only with respect and the same use. Want to talk on the phone to a girlfriend? Sorry, this isn’t the space. Want to practice meditating? Come on in.
The name " Durga" in Sanskrit means invincible.
Add sacred objects to your space to invoke their powerful essence.

So, hopefully you’ve garnered some inspiration and take action step towards creating a space with the energy you want to cultivate daily. I’ve always been a person who needs the space first before the creative magic can happen. Nonetheless,  creating scared space doesn’t have to require a big budget or loads of room, it simply requires an open and creative mind and willingness to prioritize your needs. Places and spaces hold energy, make sure yours aligns with the YOU you want to be.


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