Back to Nature: A Grounding Ritual

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Summertime childhood memories are often filled with giggles, running on the grass and long days building sandcastles in the sand. A warm feeling of freedom filled days and worry-free timeless moments warm our heart. Is this just the gift of youth or is there a scientific reason why our body and soul feel so good? The answer is both! Barefoot summers are a big part of why we feel so good as we connect with the grounding frequencies of Mother Earth. This ritual, often referred to as “earthing”, isn’t just for kids though, it’s an amazingly simple practice that we can incorporate into our lives to make us feel more nourished.

Known as the Schulmann Resonance, our Earth emits a frequency of 7.83hz, also the same frequency in which we are at the bridge between Alpha and Theta brainwave patterns.  This “heartbeat of the Earth” is created by the approximately 2,000 thunderstorms that roll over the Earth at any given moment and 50 flashes of lightening every second, according to Nasa (Brain Dunbar).  These bursts of lightening create electromagnetic waves that encircle the Earth creating a resonance. This resonance has been consistently measured since the 1960s but was mathematically predicted in 1952 by the physicist whom it is named after, Winfried Otto Schumann. Despite the scientific knowledge of this frequency not being confirmed until the 20th century, the ancient yogic rishis called this pulse “AUM or OM” and it was known as the cosmic sound or vibration. (Arakelyan).

Electromagnetic field of the Earth known as Schulman Resonance or Earth's heartbeat
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So why is this frequency so important? To understand, first we must explore the barrage of frequencies and radiation in our modern atmosphere, that although unseen, are creating havoc on our health. Powerlines, wireless transmissions, and microwave radiation coupled with a depleted baseline of health from our mineral deficient soil, GMOs and fluoride infused water creates the perfect storm for disharmony in our bodies. Lured by convenience, we have given away our healthy state of homeostasis to an invisible predator by which we are later puzzled when ill health arrives at our door. So how do we live in a modern world where there is no “opt out” option to protect us from a more and more artificial world? One such technique is by attuning our frequency. We are consistently attuning to our environment, what we consume and the influences we allow into our consciousness. With more mindful awareness we can attempt to limit the negative influences while protecting our energy with a variety of techniques.

One of the simplest techniques to feel better and attune our brainwaves is to ground our energy. Grounding or earthing simply consists of allowing our bodies to come into bare contact with the earth’s energy. Modern days shoes/soles often prevent  exposure to the Schumann resonance, so spending a little time barefoot on the earth really can-do wonders. As a bioelectrical being, we can use such attunements to regulate the nervous system, heart, and brain.  A simple practice for overall health could include a morning routine that includes soaking in powerful DNA codes from the morning sun, while sitting or walking barefoot on the earth. Perhaps you prefer to sit outside with your morning tea or cofGrounding or earth ritual to connect to the Schumann resonance of Earth. Earth medicinefee, have a morning meditation outside, or listen to soothing music in the grass or on the beach. If you simply can’t get outside or live in a busy urban area another alternative can be to purchase a Schumann generating device. Placed in the home, these devices emit the 7.83 frequency necessary for all life. These devices can also help counteract EMFs and will help other life in your home including those of your animals or plants. These attunements can also be made through brainwave entrainment devices and ceremonial sound.

As our civilization evolves and advances, there is no question that technological advances often come with a price. Just like anything on this plane, there is duality, and it’s up to us to determine how we interface with our world and its creations. Remembering the wisdom held by ancient civilizations through rituals that offered conscious reverence and engagement with the Earth itself, we can begin to restore not just our physical health but also our emotional and spiritual. So, get outside, dance and play with the Earth again and remember to thank her for the free and natural healing available to you at any moment.

Give thanks to the Earth and restore your health with this grounding ritual
Give thanks to the Earth and restore your health with this grounding ritual

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