Kim’s Favorite Things for Keeping Your Vibe High This Summer

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You asked…so we are letting you in on our favorite things!

As we slide into summer, we decided it was time to start a much asked for section to the blog and newsletter — Kim’s favorite things! Here’s a roundup of my current must haves that keep my vibe high, especially when life gets busy!

Kim's favorite things to keep your vibration high all summer.
Kim’s favorite things to keep your vibration high all summer.

Ora Cacao in Boundless Belize – Start your day out right with this beautiful ceremonial cacao blend. Known for its heart opening powers, cacao is also a mineral rich low caffeine alternative to coffee. Shift your morning routine or instead dedicate it towards ceremonial time with our other must have oracle deck below!

MEINL Wave Drum Just starting to connect with the magic of sound and vibration? This wave drum is a great starter instrument due to its straight forward and intuitive nature.  This can also be a great mediation tool when playing for yourself! Having a visual experience playing this instrument feels very different the receiving and can certainly put you in a trance. Also, great for putting to sleep little ones or introducing children to music.

LotusWei Divine Timing Elixir – A form of vibrational medicine, these flower elixirs do not contain any plant material but help you to harness the vibrational signature of a unique blend of flowers and plants. LotusWei adds honey to their elixirs which gives these babies a yummy taste. The “Divine Timing elixirs works with Rose, Cacao, Buddhawood and Atlas Ceder.”

New Opportunities Hamsa Wall Hanging by Karma & LuckAdorn your sacred space with meaningful art that also remind you to live by your values. Not only do we love their jewelry and home décor, but their packaging is beautiful and make great gifts for those spiritually minded in your tribe.

The Book of Buried Letters: a real-life journey of insight and intuition – This book makes a great companion piece to a meditation challenge or simply starting a daily introspective ritual. Reading a letter a day sets the tone for your day as you peek through the eyes of a young and very connected young child filled with curiosity about the world. Anyone interested in past lives and the mysteries of the Universe will find it both thought provoking and inspiring.

 The Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild – Alana Fairchild is my go-to for any oracle deck, but I’m particularly drawn to this newer Wild Kuan Yin deck. Learn more about the goddess known for having 10,000 different faces and how her emanations may be showing up in your life.

Ritual Oils.Co –  Soak in the luxurious oil made from 100% mineral rich pure Moringa oil and the crown chakra awakener, Blue Lotus flowers. This oil leaves my skin with a smooth texture and not greasy! Bonus this oil can also nourish the body or hair making it a travel go-to.

Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream – This is simply the best non-aluminum and baking soda-free deodorant I have tried! Both highly effective and with amazing scents this is my new go-to. Don’t be turned off by having to apply with a small spoon or simply your finger, its easy creamy texture rubs right in and you have better control keeping it off your clothes! A must this summer!

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