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We’ve all been in the situation. The one where you suddenly realize a relationship, perception or rigid way of thinking is keeping us from our highest potential. Often, we are blind, or unconscious, of our own role in staying stuck and then, like a lightning bolt, we are awakened to our own contributing fallacies that have kept us in patterned ways of being.  These “wake up calls” can be perceived by the mind as aha moments, but does the soul attract them in to get us back to our divine purpose?

This was the belief of Dr. Edward Bach, an immunologist, pathologist, bacteriologist, and homeopathic doctor who was also psychically sensitive. He was one of the first to link emotional disturbances with physical dysregulation. Bach early in his career while still practicing orthodox medicine, concluded that “in illness, personality is more important than symptoms and should be taken into account in medical treatment.”  This initial finding drove Bach to leave behind traditional medicine and look for natural ways to address the cause of illness, rather than treating its symptoms. He wanted a simple and easy solution that would return people to a harmonious balance.

Bach believed that “illness was reflection of disharmony between the physical personality and the Higher Self or Soul.” 

He noticed that emotional tendencies especially from fear or negative attitudes led more often to illness. Dr. Bach believed that a gentler system of treatment based on plants and personality dispositions was possible. Early in 1930 walking through a garden, Dr. Bach had the insight that the dew on the plants, heated from the sun, would acquire the properties of the plant, and could be used in healing remedies. He went on to develop a system of 38 flower remedies that fall into 7 different personality categories. These categories include fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, over-sensitivity to influences and ideas, despondency or despair and over-care for the welfare of others.

How Are They Made?

Flower essences are made in two ways, the primary or preferred  being the sun method.  In this method, untouched flowers (remember the flower is the crowning jewel of the plant and contains the highest concentration of life-force energy) are placed into a bowl with pure mineral water and placed in the sun for three hours. The prana from the sunlight imprints the vibrational pattern of the plant into the water. Brandy is then added to the water in a 1-to-1 ratio, acting as a preservative. This final tincture is considered the “mother tincture”.

How Do They Work?

Bach flower remedies contain NO plant material and are vibrational only in nature. The remedies therefore work on the subtle energy system to alleviate energy patterns or blocks in the field therefore resulting in corrections or the flow of energy in the physical body.

Layers of the energetic bodyWho Should Use Flower Remedies?

Flower remedies are gentle in nature and require consistent use. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that work on the physical body and can pack a punch (along with all too often unwanted side effects) vibrational medicines work on the energetic outer bodies and therefore their effects can be observed over time. The beauty of their transformative, yet gentle nature, makes them safe for everyone from children to adults and even pregnant woman. In fact, flower remedies are also used on pets and plants! It is important to note however, that flower remedies when taken directly from a tincture do contain a small bit of alcohol. If this is an issue for you, there are alternative application methods to remove the alcohol.


Proper and continued use of a flower remedy is necessary to see results! There are many different applications used with remedies such as taken directly by tincture, placing it in water or tea, using it with a compress or by adding it to a bath.  Up to 5 remedies can be combined at any given time based on need.

Choosing Your Remedy

Here’s the kicker, finding the right remedy! The good news is that there is no harm in selecting the wrong remedy except to your pocketbook and wasted time. Remedies that are unneeded by an individual do not negatively affect them. Remember the remedy doesn’t work on the physical body but corrects or “resupplies” the emotional vibratory frequency that has become changed or distorted. Nonetheless, choosing the right remedy for you at any given time requires an honest reflection of our emotions and limiting mind sets. It can be extremely helpful to work with a Bach Flower Remedy consultant to not only identify emotions, patterns and needed remedies but also for combining multiple remedies into one easy to take tincture. A consultant can also work with you to recommend different methods for using the tinctures to fit your lifestyle.

But wait, I need help now!

The most popular and well known of Bach’s remedies is known as the Rescue Remedy! This remedy combines five of the flower remedies into one easy tincture (now they even have lozenges or gummies that are easy for daily life and travel) and is one known to have an immediate effect. Rescue remedy is good for situations of acute stress, shock, or trauma, although there are farther reaching applications where this remedy could be used in more everyday circumstances such as fear of public speaking or stress before an interview.

My hope is that you are starting to realize how plants can be our teachers! Nature is always providing for us and with the insightful work of pioneers like, Dr. Bach, we can come back into alignment with exposure to their vibratory patterns. In order “to fix” the body, we must first understand how its in-formed or mis-informed by distortions in the field. By treating the person and not the disease, as Dr. Bach always touted, we get to the root of the disturbance and can begin living ON PURPOSE.

Not medical advice. Always refer to your physician when starting a new wellness routine. 

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