The Blueprint of Becoming

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How would you feel if I told you that there’s a part of you that already knows. Knows what? The totality of it all. Who you are, what you are destined to become, how to orchestrate and attract in all the situations, characters, and resources necessary for your unfolding. And while you may assume this article is going to grapple with the idea of fate or destiny moreover, it’s a dialogue about deep inner trust.  To surrendering to the unconscious part of ourselves that is indeed us and yet appears almost as a total stranger; we often grasp little if any knowledge about what’s rolling around inside our subconscious. We are obviously obscured from directly knowing its contents and yet it is PART OF US and fundamental to our daily existence.  To gleam a better understanding of this let me ask you, do you know how your heartbeats? Do you know how to make bone, heal a scratch, or grow your body? And even though you don’t KNOW how you do this, can we all agree that some part of you DOES?  Our subconscious mind controls the autonomic functions of the body, but it’s also said to hold and record everything that happens to us in this lifetime and perhaps even all our lifetimes. Could it too hold the blueprint of our becoming? Just as the acorn knows how to become an oak, its destiny pre-programmed into its seed. Conclusively, I argue that just as there is a part of you that knew how to grow, create, and maintain YOU that same part of you also holds the blueprint for your own metamorphosis. It knows how to attract in situations, people, and the proper pressure to push you towards your divine destiny.

            We all know the incredible metamorphous of the butterfly, an illustration from nature highlighting an evolution hidden in its blueprint. However, little is commonly known about the cells that make this transformation possible. Known as the imaginal cells, these cells hold the blueprint that alters the caterpillar into a butterfly, of which no structural similarity remains. Although the caterpillar does not have the consciousness of a human, it is interesting to note that the cells that signal and orchestrate this change are dormant until the caterpillar has created its chrysalis and the metamorphic process has begun.While in this state, the overstuffed caterpillar who has consumed as much as three hundred times his actual weight in one day, begins to disintegrate into an organic goo. (, n.d.). This goo shows no lingering residue of the caterpillar it once was and yet doesn’t yet allude to the butterfly it will become. It is in this void, its transitory state, in which the secret destiny of the caterpillar begins to emerge from the depths of its biology. Imaginal cells begin to form. These cells, vibrating at a different frequency, appear foreign, and the caterpillar’s immune system attacks them as invaders. Nonetheless these cells continue to form, and through resonance attract similar new cells to them, forming networks that build the structural system of the new emerging butterfly. These imaginal cells hold the key, the blueprint, to what will eventually emerge and yet is unknown even to itself.  This model of transformation holds in it not just the promise that radical personal change is possible but holds the mystery of whether our ‘becoming’ is predetermined. Are we cosmically programmed for a future that even we ourselves couldn’t predict?

Before postulating on fate, lets decipher even further the evidence produced by an incredible scientist named, Veda Austin. Veda, building upon the incredible work of Masaru Emoto and his book, “The Hidden Messages in the Water”, uses a technique to capture the intelligence and responses of water using crystallography. In this work, Austin has collected over 40,000 images of the responses of water after imprinting it with intention. This crystallography captures the transitory period of water turning into ice, in which the water seems to intelligently generate a response to the influence of our thoughts or images taped to it.   The water uses its “building blocks of ice” to communicate with us, creating a portrait of the influence/intention directly reflected back to us. In the video below you can see some of this incredible crystallography, clearly reflecting not just the conscious intent of the scientist, but also the aliveness and intelligence of the water itself. So much so that Austin herself speculates, whether water itself is Source. Now, how does this relate to our beautiful butterfly story? Interestingly, many of Veda’s crystallography show pictures in the ice of the exact object that has been projected on to it, either physical or psychically, however when Veda used a seed, the images produced by the water weren’t of the seed itself but rather the tree it would eventually become. The water could read the blueprint inside the seed. Alluding to the fact, that nature has a way a decoding the underlining genetic information contained within the seed regardless of whether the seed actualizes its potential or not. (Home |, n.d.)

So, let’s go back to the start. Just like the butterfly, you and I, grew our own bodies. We create and sustain ourselves even though we have no conscious information about how to do so. We are an intelligent and intricately designed organism, encoded with the blueprint of our physical becoming.  So I postulate, could this same intelligence have encoded us with our own unique spiritual evolution? This journey, while holding ample space for free will to articulate the way certain lessons will be learned, remains littered with clues pointing us towards our own metamorphosis.  Key markers if you will, designed to wake us up and remember our soul contacts Just as the imaginal cells start out alone and are even attacked, soon their frequency draws to them those in resonance, creating a stronger structure and community. Like those of the butterfly, our own cells are broadcasting a frequency uniquely our own. This frequency draws to us (again through resonance) those in alignment and helpful for our evolution.  Often, we are unfamiliar with our own frequency. We are too close to feel, hear, or see it. It is simply through the reflections of those we attract, whether it be people or situations, in which we begin to see ourselves more clearly.  We solidify the structure of our inner frequency, and we begin the inevitable process of evolutionary transformation. Our potential, once lying dormant within us, begins to attract the community, support, and reflections it needs to activate the latent energy hidden within our blueprint. While our free will may prologue or accelerate this transformation, it is inevitable. Whether during this lifetime or another, every pulse of the divine (animals, plants, people and even planets) is evolving towards a future yet unknown, but quite possible programmed within us right from the very start.


For additional information on Veda Austin’s work and the intelligence of water, visit

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