Amplify Your Intentions ~ How Vibe Sessions Can Accelerate Your Success

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Loops. We all find ourselves caught in them. Unconsciously, we often repeat the same patterns in different form. Yes, the characters may go by new names and costumes, but the underlining energetics or beliefs resurface to show us how we have changed …or not. This time of year, as a collective and as individuals we are determined to make our lives better. We set out on a path to recommit ourselves to our goals, visions and a life that seems slightly more on course then where we’ve landed. Maybe it’s the influence of Capricorn season, the change in the calendar or decades of conditioning but most of us find ourselves in the fresh few days of January, sitting down to make a strategic analysis of the passing year and the future we’d like to see. Depending on our disposition, we may make lists or vision boards, or simple mental notes to eat better, exercise more, strengthen our relationships and accomplish this or that. Nonetheless, by as early as the first few days of February (if that!),  many of us find we are back to the same ways of being. We can already see our goals in the rearview mirror, and we resign to any number of excuses on why, whatever we desire, just doesn’t come.

What keeps us in these loops you may wonder? Why is it so difficult for us to change? The answer lies in the subconscious mind. Most of us don’t think very much about the subconscious daily and yet the subconscious is the main boss. The vast majorityof what happens to you on a daily basis, and ultimately what you are attracting in is controlled by your subconscious mind (Murphey). The problem is, the subconscious doesn’t have the ability to reason and accepts what the conscious mind repeatedly tells it – for better or worse. This means that negative thought patterns can get pushed into our subconscious (despite their validity) and the subconscious will carry out its duty to ensure that you are supplied evidence of this truth. To further complicate things, much of our subconscious patterning is created from the ages of 0-8, when we are highly impressionable to the messages we receive from our parents and the world around us. Our subconscious is ultimately attempting to make our lives more manageable considering the intense amount of information and stimuli getting bombarded at us. It takes everyday activities and turns them into mindless tasks where we can accomplish things even when we “are somewhere else”  or drive down the street, without thinking so intently on all the things involved in controlling a vehicle. In simple terms, the subconscious simplifies repetitive tasks and behaviors and allows the conscious mind to operate elsewhere.

Now that we understand the basics, we can understand the advantages of these two aspects of mind but also the hang-ups. If we’ve reacted in certain situations the same over years, it can be virtual impossible to change these behaviors without an examination of our subconscious beliefs. We can use the mirror of our lives, to show us what we truly believe. Just as our bodies are a reflection of the subconscious mind, so too is our life at large. The evidence of our beliefs lie scattered across our reality. We create our reality with our thoughts, words, action and beliefs whether we are conscious of them or not.

Understanding our subconscious, which also includes past life memories, can be the journey of a lifetime. As we begin to drag things out of the closet so to speak to assess, we can also analyze what needs to go in. What patterns or behaviors would be valuable TO PLACE in the subconscious? This is where we use the power of intention and couple it with what we understand about these aspects of the mind. The goal is ultimately to come up to the threshold of the subconscious (where we are still consciously aware but in a deeply meditative and relaxed state) and plant the seeds of our intention into the fertile soil of the subconscious. By using light, sound and vibrational therapy we can actively co-create this process with more reliable results. Once you understand brainwave patterns, and how we can more consistently induce them through light therapy, you will see the value in entraining the brain into these Alpha brainwave patterns to set the stage for the grand planting of powerful seeds of intention. During our new moon mini vibe sessions, we take exactly this approach. We harness the astrological influences coupled with intention and add it to the rich soil of the subconscious (accessed through light, sound, and vibration) to place new goals or beliefs into this powerful aspect of mind. Now just like a plant, our intentions require watering and even the most eloquently placed seed will not grow without the proper attention and environment. Through the treatment we create the environment for greater success and, therefore, can more expectedly watch the blooms of our plant occur as we attend to its growth. Now our conscious and subconscious minds are in greater agreement (at least concerning this element) and we can allow its efficiency to take the reins, simplifying and expediting the accomplishment of our goals. Let’s work smarter not harder, right?

Murphy, J. (2022). The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Original Classic Edition. Sound Wisdom.

This article was first published in December 2022.

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