The Seeker’s Course

Want to know how I glow

For it is the source of this seeker’s course

To find one’s soul there’s no need to scroll

For it is inside that the message hides

A language unspoken for symbols are its token

To uncover and release and find inner peace

One must train the brain, so our efforts aren’t in vain

We open the heart and linger on this part

Place your attention on your intention

Fate lies in the habitual

So let’s create ritual

We are that which we perpetually do, think, eat, and otherwise obsesses on. We cover our own brilliance with so many layers of doubt, self-criticism, perfectionism and self-limiting beliefs that we fail to realize that everything we seek externally can be found within. My personal quest to unearth my own radiance has branded me as a seeker for the last two decades. I’ve devoured spiritual texts, practiced 1000s of hours of yoga, sought creative outlets, sat with plant medicine, meditated, and otherwise cried, screamed and laughed my way down the path. I’ve fought hard, lost and learned how to grieve, let go and begin again. I’ve had to find my own pathway into healing and wholenss  and I’m here to offer you a suggestions of how you might find your own. And so here we are on the pages of my ultimate masterpiece, 52 Rituals, an offering onto those seeking a more meaningful and purposeful life. A perspective, my perspective, on what can heal and also serve. Our own medicine is ultimately what we offer in service to others.  So here I invite you to come along on this journey with me, into your ultimate mystery and greatest love affair, to discover the YOU you’ve been waiting for.