Connect with the Water Element in Astrology

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Fire, earth, air, and water the elements of astrology are the foundational base of its blueprint. Appearing in this order in the astrological wheel, each element contains three signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the signs which represent water. While Cancer represents are our first experience of love and the mother archetype, it is highly sensitive to the needs and nurturing of others. Scorpio is represented by the Phoenix and the death, rebirth, and regeneration cycle. Lastly Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is associated with the mystical and are highly compassionate people but because of their sensitives are prone to escapism.

Water represents our emotions and people with a lot of water in their chart are highly sensitive, intuitive, and even psychic. These are the feelers of the world. Individuals whose disposition is largely water are extremely creative and can channel their deep emotions into expressions about the nature of human experience. Remembering that water is the universal solvent, it is this element which can break things down to feel and transmute, what may have become stuck or “frozen” in the body. Looking at the element of water’s ability to be a solid, liquid or gas we understand the emotional body’s need to move (liquid) stuck emotions (solid) and transmute them (gas) to find release. When the element of water is in a healthy balance, it is this creative expression that allows for the transmutation.

With a high level of intuition, water signs sense who they can trust and are known for being vibrationally aware. Settings are important to these people, and they often need a quiet place with which to retreat or “be contained” (think of the protective casing of the crab or scorpion). They need quiet time away from others to retreat and find stillness, because their sensitivity to others can make them feel overwhelmed. Even though waters signs often feel like they don’t like people because of this, they long for heart felt connection with the “right” people and enjoy private, connected and deeply soulful spaces.

The water sign of astrology: cancer, scorpio and pisces.
The water sign in astrology as they appear in the astrological wheel: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Water, the element of the soul, surrenders to find the stillness. Remembering the idiom, still waters run deep, there is a world within us waiting to re-membered and explored but it takes the stilling of the mind to gaze upon its reflection. Traditionally, the “time of water” is in the morning when not only do we bathe, but ideally, we sit in meditation, to be quiet on purpose. To close our eyes, so that we may see. I recommend using one of the many beautiful ocean waves playlist available on Spotify or our profile @thestarlighthouse during a meditation, so you can but lulled by the rhythm and sacred sound of the waves.

Make it a Ritual – Connecting to the Water Element

Additionally, I’ve put together a water playlist for us to connect with the element of water. Try it next time your hiking or doing some kind of moving meditation, you can even use it to transform your daily chores into a mindful practice to reflect and connect with the water inside of you. If you are a water sign or have someone close to you that is, you may want to look deeper at how the water element is awakening you to a deeper part of your soul wanting recognition. Take a few minutes to journal about the following questions or mull them over while vibrating to these soulful sounds.

  • How do I express my emotions? Verbally? Through art or music or writing? Perhaps through physical outlets such as dance or working out?
  • What is my level of comfort with expressing to others my emotions?
  • Do I deem certain emotions as acceptable and others as not? Do I associate certain emotions as weak or make me feel uncomfortable ?
  • When I have a major life experience I generally feel, think or take action as a result?
  • When I am hurt I generally – retreat or withdraw? fight?
  • In what ways do I actively create boundaries with others to strengthen our relationships, rather than over give or resentfully retreat?

Click to download and connect to the soulful sounds of the water element.
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