How To Be Grateful Everyday

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With each inhale and exhale on the yoga mat, we become centered and our awareness is elevated. In this state we are better able to gather our gratitude because we are present in the moment. Thank you body, thank you breath, thank you soul, thank you yoga mat, thank you teacher, thank your neighbor yogi for their energy.

Gratitude is a way of experiencing love.

Move off the mat and (BAM!) life is go go go. It is easy to slip out of that awareness. It doesn’t mean that we’re mean-spirited or without a thankful heart, it just means we need more practice. Developing an attitude of gratitude takes consistent practice. Give thanks and watch the world shift in your favor.

5 ways to show your gratitude without saying ‘Thank You’:

  1. Acts of service.

    This can be a kindness done to another, yourself or the planet. For example, pick up a piece of trash blowing in the wind or cook a friend dinner.

  2. Give a gift.

    Gifts come in all sizes and they don’t have to cost a penny. Pick a flower and give it to a friend or stranger.

  3. Kind words.

    Recognize the beauty of another by complimenting them. If someone’s smile brightens your day, tell her.

  4. Connect.

    A good embrace literally connects you to another person. Too often we let go too soon. Hug a friend a little longer and tighter. It might feel awkward at first but you will both feel more energetically in sync.

  5. Be there.

    There is no better way to show your gratitude for another than being in the moment with them. If they are sharing a story, put down your phone, make eye contact and actively listen.

With each gratitude practice you do, the more you will have to be grateful for.

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